The AI arms race is affecting minorities, and not in a good way

Unintentional bias in AI has warranted a lot of public criticism recently. However, we often don’t talk enough about the intentional bias that shows up in an alarming amount of fourth wave innovations. One shocking example came to light in late 2019 when leaked documents revealed that the popular social media platform TikTok was doling […]

Why you should get paid for your data

Students at M.I.T. have created “clothes” that can collect and store data. The wearable fabric is made of special fiber that could one day capture digital information about your body and lifestyle. Optimists hope the technology will be used to help monitor the health of the wearers or keep them away from dangerous locations. While […]

The Rehab rip-off: smart apps are more helpful than conventional rehab

Being an addict is trying and tiring. Most Americans don’t appreciate what it takes to kick an addiction. People often have believe that a really good month at an in-patient rehabilitation is all a person needs to “get clean and stay clean” (in-patient means that patients live in the clinic). Unfortunately, the expensive in-patient rehab […]

Scientists use A.I. to make money from crypto scammers

Ever heard of the pump and dump? For those that aren’t familiar with thar term, a “pump and dump” refers to one of the oldest (and easiest) stock exchange scams in the book. Here’s how it works: Scammers invest in a worthless asset Scammers convince others to invest in the same worthless asset The value […]

Can we trust self-driving cars?

When a car that claims to be “self-driving” is involved in an accident, the whole country finds out about it. Machine learning and big data have created a new era of smart technology, (what experts call the fourth industrial revolution) which means that we as a society are actively deciding what jobs robots should and […]

Make pictures from words: AI turns phrases into realistic images

Goodbye, graphic design. OpenAI, the artificial intelligence company co-founded by Elon Musk, released a shocking new report that has entrepreneurs dreaming and investors drooling. OpenAI engineered a neural network named DALL-E using its language prediction model GPT-3 to create realistic images from just a few words in English. To be clear, there was no coding […]

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