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One of the biggest challenges that teachers face regarding disadvantaged students is simply knowing what students need. This is especially true in elementary schools where children are often not independent enough to ask for help with a specific material or open up about problems at home. Studies show that teachers often misdiagnose children with emotional and or learning disorders as simply disobedient… (click here to read full article)

A.I. turns words into pictures

Goodbye, graphic design. OpenAI, the artificial intelligence company co-founded by Elon Musk, released a shocking new report that has entrepreneurs dreaming and investors drooling. OpenAI engineered a neural network named DALL-E using its language prediction model GPT-3 to create realistic images from just a few words in English (click here to read full article)

Can we trust self-driving cars?

When a car that claims to be “self-driving” is involved in an accident, the whole country finds out about it. Machine learning and big data have created a new era of smart technology…(click here to read full article)

Ever heard of the pump and dump? For those that aren’t familiar with the term, a “pump and dump” refers to one of the oldest (and easiest) stock exchange scams in the book.

In the age of the internet, this scheme is easier than ever to pull off thanks to cryptocurrency. Pump and dumps of traditional stocks are illegal, but crypto is a legal grey area that doesn’t have the same strict regulation yet. Crypto also makes trades fast and anonymous, both of which make scams easier to pull off. Some crypto pump and dump schemes are enormous, like the “Binance Pump Signals” group on Telegram that hosts over 400,000 members! These crypto pump and dump groups often orchestrate multiple “pumps” a day, each pump lasting no more than a few minutes and often less than one minute…(click here to read full article)

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